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Some of you may have noticed a lack of posting--I'm very sorry, but I have a novel deadline riding me like Zorro, and until February 1st, Invisible Games will be paused. Sometimes the people who sign my paycheck insist on my providing actual product.

Back and better with the groundhog.
Invisible Gamer

The Shape of Things

All right, cats and kittens. Here's the deal: in order to not keep falling behind and getting tangled up in my touring schedule, we're changing our format to once a week updates, on Thursdays.

This, of course, was wise justbeast's suggestion all along, but I am nothing if not a creature who bites off more than she can chew.

Hopefully it'll be smooth sailing from here on out.
Lady of the Lake

Perhaps I am Crazy...

I presume everyone who is subscribed here loves games, and the Invisible Games are having some sort of effect on the brain, even if only to make you think about "games" you'd like to find someone putting out in the future.

Could we make such a game here? A virtual game? catvalente, one of the esteemed creators of this project said:

"if you trust us, and walk with us into the dark, we will take you on a tour of a secret history and a secret future, and it will grow to be beautiful and complex and full of terrible longing...Though there are rules, though there are rewards, though there are trials, this is not a game."